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"... I have really enjoyed the classes and I hope you know how great you are at motivating and creating a fun environment ;-)" (Maureen Hornick, BarreConcept class member 2014-2016)


"... so I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate all the training sessions you have prepared for me (and abandoned when needed!) which were so thoughtfully created, especially for me.  You are an extraordinary fitness model with a brain to match.  You have dazzled me every morning... and I appreciate all of your encouragement which has really made me physically and mentally stronger." (Kate Melnick,ex pat Mum 2014-2015).


"...back is fine - some muscle soreness but only a little - just perfect! ..." (M. Billeter Zürich 2015-present)


“Thank you. I really didn't feel too great this morning but BarreFloor® was just right thing to do. I'm much better now! I so enjoy your classes and really like our group! Thank you.”

(A. Schneider, BarreClass member since 2014 - current)


"I have been doing Pilates with Christine for 8 months now. I have a lower back injury from a horse riding accident so it is really important for me to have a teacher who can cater for my specific needs. I started doing Pilates with a different teacher in a group of 8 and found I was doing myself more harm than good. Now I have 0 classes with a friend and Christine's approach has meant that my back is so much stronger and I am experiencing a lot less overall pain. I would recommend these classes to anyone, and if you have a specific issue, they are great!" (V. Tredwin. Zürich 2014-present)