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Happy New Year to you all! I can’t believe another year has gone by already. It’s been a busy year. I guess some of us are glad 2018 has come to an end and some of us have happy memories of the past year.

One of the positive events for Strictly Fitter was launching in Kanton Zug. In this beautiful studio in Cham, we began with 8 ladies and within 8 weeks we have grown to 13 and the potential to offer two classes. I am very excited to start over again from the very beginning and share this great class in a new area.

Sadly, as we expanded in one area, we were forced to withdraw the Friday class offer in Thalwil. Fit-Art studio closed its doors suddenly on Friday November 23rd. We wait to see if a new owner will take over Fit-Art and we can offer the class again.  Until then the Friday morning class will be in Therasport, Rüschlikon and I am grateful to the team there for releasing the studio space for you guys.


At the beginning of December, I attended a Group Fitness Convention in Hamburg sponsored by German based BlackRoll®. Fascia and Pilates based classes were  very popular, as were any form of step/dance choreographed classes. BlackRoll® were demonstrating all the different stretch fascia release techniques their rollers and tiny black balls can achieve. Kerstin Brede Horn was an impressive Pilates Master Trainer. I liked her  pilates flow class. You can check her on www.pilates-zentrum-dortmund.de

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