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BarreConcept® - and BarreExpress

A choreographed non stop session including warm up, minimum 30 mins ballet inspired barre exercises, an arm sculpt section and a floor core-focused segment. The class focuses on  isometric movements that fatigue the muscles through high repetitions, yet remains low impact. Get fun and  friendship from this group class whilst personalised  correction or modification from the teacher. Tunes are cool. Never the same routine twice... Kinderhort available at the  Friday class.

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From 10.1.2019

January 2019 courses: From Monday 7.1.

Mondays 09:15  BarreExpress (45 Mins) 

BarreExpress Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon.


Mondays 10:15 CardioBarre (60 mins) 

Therasport Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon. Weekly


Thursdays 09:00 BarreConcept® (60 mins) From Thursday 10.1

RITM Studio Gewerbestrasse 10 CHAM 6330


Fridays 10:15 BarreConcept® (60 mins) From 11.1

Therasport Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon. Weekly