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Image Credit: Leah Claar


BarreConcept® - and BarreExpress

A choreographed non stop session including warm up, minimum 30 mins ballet inspired barre exercises, an arm sculpt section and a floor core-focused segment. The class focuses on  isometric movements that fatigue the muscles through high repetitions, yet remains low impact. Never the same routine twice...




From 2.5.2019

Next courses: From Thursday 02.05.

Mondays 09:15  BarreExpress (45 Mins) From Monday 06.05

BarreExpress Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon.


Mondays 10:15 CardioBarre (60 mins) 

Therasport Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon. Weekly


Thursdays 09:00 BarreConcept® (60 mins) From Thursday 2.5

RITM Studio Gewerbestrasse 10 CHAM 6330


Fridays 10:30 BarreConcept® (60 mins) From Friday 10.5

Therasport Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon.