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Personal Training

1:1 and 2:1 Indoor and Outdoor PT training.

PT and Class 'Pack' Offers combining PT, Barre and Pilates.



THE workout at the ballet Barre! Non stop 60 minute choreographed routines to cool tunes. Ballet inspired and pilates based, this class strengthens, tones and increases stamina focusing on improving leg shape and tone as well as a core and arm sculpt workout.



Alles auf dem Ballet Stange! Non stop 45 minute total barre work including warm up, footwork, plies, kicks, passys and fendus... No nonsence, non stop kick ass workout.


Modern Pilates Functional, clinincally based matwork  class.


Locations:  Therasport, Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon

                    RITM, Gewerbstrasse 10, CHAM

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